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Chairman's Message

Chairman's Message

Education of school level must necessarily and spontaneously lead to character development in all its four fimensions - Wisdom, Heroic will, Universal love and Chiseled perfected skills with the capacity for untiring labour, We have and unflinching commitment to academics. From the academics year, our teaching methodology will introduce self-study, research and group projects thus empowering students.

(Our students a will be exposed periodically), to a variety of speakers from different spiritual backgrounds. This is their tryst with knowledge wisdom blooms as they absorb information and knowledge and let it manifest in them. Our aim is to, "know Oneself". The more we know ourselves in depth, the better we can edutree and utilize our full potential in life. The aim of good education is to expose the students to these hidden potentials and then provide an environment in which these faculties get full opportunity to blossom and flower.